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The collected podcast conversations with Alan Arnette

img_2535Below you find the links to the pod-conversations I have had with the mountaineer and chronicler Alan Arnette. We discussed a lot of things but examples include leadership, risk, experience, team dynamics and the importance of celebrating success to mention but a few. With Alan´s experience in the corporate world there is also plenty of references to such experiences and lessons for anyone that is not only directly interested in mountaineering and other adventures.

EPISODE 9: http://extremecontexts.com/episodes/episode-9-alan-arnette-mountaineer-know/

EPISODE 10: http://extremecontexts.com/episodes/episode-10-alan-arnette-2-mountaineer-surviving-not-arrogant/

EPISODE 11: http://extremecontexts.com/episodes/episode-11-alan-arnette-3-lessons-industry-mountaineering/

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