EPISODE 9 – Alan Arnette – Mountaineer – About decisions – “When you know what to do, do it!”

December 17, 2016

In this episode, the first of three, I talk to Alan Arnette. Alan is an experienced climber, chronicler of mountaineering and former senior executive at Hewlett Packard. He is also an Alzheimer advocate, fighting fiercely to raise awareness about the sickness. In this first episode we talk about his experience and among other things about how a common task brings a team together, similar to a project, and the importance of having a purpose for what is undertaken.


  • 5.40    What it takes to succeed on a mountain such as K2 – the Savage mountain. How experience plays a part in when to push hard, and when to stay back
  • 9.05    A short history of teams in mountaineering and how it in many cases have moved from ”one for all, all for one” to ” all for me, and me for me” – but where in the case of K2 the task brought the team together as one had to be prepared to die
  • 15.05  The difficult decision to turn around. Living by the maxim of ”When you know what to do, do it!”
  • 20.25 Lessons learned from turning around. Fueled by purpose in order to find the strength to focus on ”the one reason to continue, rather than the 1000 to turn around”.
  • 26.45 The benefit of turning around on yourself in order to challenge your own decision making and ultimately reach better decisions


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