EPISODE 8 – Billi Bierling, How to avoid becoming “Green Boots” – The dead marker on the mountain

December 14, 2016

In this third and final episode with the one and only Billi Bierling we talk about a range of different topics, including life and death on the mountain. Unfortunately the sound is not the best on this episode. I hope you bare with me until I have figured out the technical stuff!


  • 01.00 How the availability of time is influencing and structuring decisions in order to achieve great things, and how waiting may make things worse!
  • 07.30 Life and death decisions – and how they put life on the edge
  • 8.30 Tollgates and structuring of decisions based on experience to avoid getting killed and becoming ”green boots”.
  • 12.45 How experience may be the best, and worst teacher!
  • 13.45 There´s risks and there´s risks. How commercial operators make the decisions for less experienced individuals
  • 17.20 The difference of climbing with and without supplemental oxygen, and doing things for the beauty of it!
  • 23.10 Take aways for handling risk in a business setting, and how it could be relevant for i.e. humanitarian aid by developing confidence

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