EPISODE 4 – Leading for being ok with failure

November 24, 2016

In this episode I talk to Chris Klinke, an experienced mountaineer, long time collaborator with TripleED, and CEO of Trango. On his climbing CV Chris have among other things climbed, guided and been expedition leader of multiple expeditions to many of the highest mountains of the earth. In addition of such experience he has also been the vice-president at American Express and is currently the CEO of a climbing gear company called Trango. In this episode we discuss his experiences and how his business life experiences intermingle with his mountaineering experiences and life.

Show notes

  • 2.20 You never accomplish anything yourself, and the importance of recognizing people that have an impact on you
  • 5.50 Being ok with failure
  • 11.50 Performing mountaineering leadership
  • 17.10 On the importance of partying at Mount Everest: Bond building and how regular organisations succeeds through personal relationships
  • 26.15 On the boredom of mountaineering, and how can one manage it?
  • 31.00 A day at Everest when one is not climbing
  • 34.30 Designing a stress test that examines who is in it for themselves, and who is in it for the team
  • 37.40 The challenge and joy of motivation and helping others to succeed
  • 39.15 ”Climb hard, climb high and come home”, and how short-term goals jeopardize long-term survival in mountaineering and projects
  • 44.00 Learning from mountaineering because of the immediacy of feedback
  • 45.30 Counter-acting too much focus on short-term goals – the role of intuition

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