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EPISODE 3 – Professor Alf Rehn, on learning from extreme contexts

November 08, 2016

Professor Alf Rehn at Åbo Akademi, Finland is an extremely (pun intended) sought after scholar, management thinker, speaker and author. Besides being a renown academic Alf has been included in Thinkers50 Guru radar as one of the 30 management thinkers that is most likely to shape the future, he sits in the board of numerous large companies, speaks regularly for large global organisations and have done research and spoken extensively about innovation and creativity. In this podcast he takes his thinking to the extreme, outlining what such contexts might have contribute with for regular organisations.


Show notes

  • 04.00 The role of the academic in society, and the value of scholarship
  • 07.00 Taking things apart, and why we should investigate and take seriously the heroine trade and sex trade
  • 13.45 The value of choosing extreme examples such as mountaineering and work in war zones in order to understand what goes on in ordinary organisations
  • 15.45 What mountaineering, innovation and creativity might have in common – the pedestrian bureaucratic nature of work
  • 20.30 The journalist fallacy of scholarship
  • 21.40 The commonality of extreme contexts and why they are boring too
  • 28.30 In the heart of Alf´s book ”Dangerous ideas” – on the re-creation of creativity
  • 33.45 The non-existent right to succeed, innovation not being the go to all solution in every situation, and the importance of humility and danger of arrogance
  • 38.35 The ionization and belittlement of achievements
  • 39.45 The team effort and role of organizational structure
  • 43.20 The team, the individual and its leadership in situations of crises
  • 47.15 The fleeting moment of studying extreme contexts
  • 48.35 A mild criticism of speakers on extreme contexts and the importance the fallacy of the danger thrill


Dangerous ideas – the book

Alf on Twitter; @alfrehn

The Scholar´s progress (tba)

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