EPISODE 21: Stewart Clegg on Total institutions and Extreme contexts

September 25, 2017


Stewart Clegg is a professor in management and organization studies at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). His contributions to academia is highly recognized and he has received more awards than almost is possible to count for his scholarship. In addition of several visiting research positions he is also becoming an honorary doctor at Umeå University (October 2017). In this episode Stewart and I talk about our common interest in Extreme contexts and how that relates to issues of power, ethics and total institutions. And more importantly, how such features are naturally occurring in many, perhaps even most, organizations. In some instances one should also be very aware of them, and reluctant to follow. In others such tendencies are something good. In either case, it is important to recognize them, and know about them.


  • What is total institutions?
  • How do total institutions evolve?
  • Using extreme cases as a way to understand normal and contemporary phenomenas by juxtaposition
  • Exposing normalcy by extremeness
  • How to study extreme contexts
  • The role of identity in constructing total institutions
  • The romanticization of leaders such as Steve Jobs, and horrible leaders as Hitler and others


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