EPISODE 20: Mia Kainz – Military, healthcare and change manager

September 20, 2017

Mia Kainz has a very interesting background in the Swedish armed forces, being deployed to the early times in Afghanistan. When she retired from the armed forces she managed a health center and now she works for a large corporation providing support for different units. The insights she provides thus come from several different extreme contexts, and a managerial position in a more ‚ÄĚtraditional organization‚ÄĚ. This also implies that she has the experience to reflect on how insights may be transferred.


  • Differences and similarities in leadership across the contexts
  • How to keep focus?
  • How boredom helps team to develop
  • Importance of gut-feeling and how it may have saved her life
  • The importance of mundane activities
  • How to empower people in a team and the importance of psychological safety
  • Overcoming hierarchies and working as a team by instilling trust
  • The importance of the KISS
  • How to provide feedback and get it across
  • How to win over the locals, and overcoming complexity, uncertainty and suspicion. Also, how to get information in unexpected places.


The movie Black hawk down

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