EPISODE 2: Lydia Bradey – The first woman on Mount Everest w/o O2: Learning about team dynamics

November 05, 2016

Again we meet Lydia Bradey, an accomplished mountaineer, guide, speaker and author. In this second conversation we cover topics that we were unable to get to during the first session, in addition of elaborating on some of the things that were covered in the first.

Show Notes

  • 1.35 Mount Everest 1988, A controversial first ascent
  • 11.40 On the importance of being motivated if you want to achieve big things
  • 16.00 Learning from high-performers, and the impact of small encouragements and getting dirty
  • 21.20 Appreciation of people to build a successful organisation
  • 26.30 Team dynamics and different personalities
  • 32.20 Signs of problematic team dynamics
  • 41.30 On the loss of storytelling
  • 45.30 How to avoid bad team dynamics
  • 53.45 Motivational speaking topics and questions
  • 1.07.30 Takeaways


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