EPISODE 15: Herman Geijer – Surviving a zombie apocalypse

July 14, 2017

In this episode I talk to Herman Geijer, a zombie survival expert. Herman´s interest for zombies started like it does for many people. A simple discussion took hold and from there it developed. In his case into a course for >200 people, frequent subsequent talks, a Ted-Talk, a “summer talk” in national Swedish Radio  etc. In this episode we discuss how to not only survive a zombie apocalypse, but how it translates to ordinary society functions. This conversation is, obviously, useful to anyone. We should all be concerned when the basic functions of society is breaking down. Unfortunately, society breaking down is not a totally unimaginative scenario as we have learned from history and cases such as Tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires and similar situations.


  • 02:40 What is a zombie?
  • 03:30 Zombies providing perspective on what it is to be human
  • 05:25 How zombies became subsidized by the Swedish government
  • 09:45 The relevance of discussing zombies rather than peak oil
  • 11:50 Who attends a course in zombie survival?
  • 14:30 Themes in zombie movies as a reflection of modern society
  • 19:45 The greatest challenge in a zombie situation and how to prepare for emotions such as loneliness, boredom and the importance of knowing your “crowd” – and its application to raising kids.
  • 32:30 What´s the process like if you are stuck in a zombie situation? Denial and the mental rule of STOP
  • 37:30 Preparing for the apocalypse by breathing and practicing for deviations
  • 40:35 Team work and leadership in zombie movies, realistic or not?
  • 45:35 Success & failure – The danger of keeping people out and the need to switch from authoritative leadership to collective leadership
  • 48:20 What is it to be human?


Herman´s website: https://nejtackzombies.wordpress.com
erman´s book: Here
Herman´s podcast: https://nejtackzombies.wordpress.com/swedish-zomcast/
Herman´s Ted-talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MriRotjmyjE
Herman´s sommarprat (in Swedish): http://sverigesradio.se/sida/avsnitt/576702?programid=2071

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