EPISODE 14: Fredrik Sträng, mountaineer – How to build trust in any team!

January 31, 2017

In this third and final episode with Fredrik Sträng we focus on the team aspects of mountaineering. Specifically how to build successful, competitive and communicating teams. This should be of interest to anyone that is managing, or involved with any type of team, in any type of organization.


  • 00:20    What makes a expedition a failure or a success? Be decent, and appreciate everyone! From the environmental impact of mountaineering, to the importance of the kitchen boy. Meet your goal and be prepared! On the balance between paranoia and being prepared.
  • 07:39   How do you approach, and build trust in a mountaineering team. Start with trusting yourself.
  • 10:30   The scary transformation of adventure tourism where people expect others to cover for them
  • 11:20   The importance of backups for for effective commmunication within a distributed team
  • 14:48   If there is doubt, there is no doubt!


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