EPISODE 13: Fredrik Sträng, mountaineer – Learn to know when to quit

January 30, 2017

This is the second episode with Fredrik Sträng, the Swedish mountaineer. In this one we talk about the importance of knowing when to turn around, but also what makes a good and a bad team. A lot of good stuff that is useful for any (project) manager, or member of a team.


  • 00:45    Why and how to decide when to turn around – and when to surrender to facts, and how to learn to cope with and from such decisions. The case of K2 in 2008, one of the largest disasters in mountaineering until that date.
  • 15.00 On the issue of passing judgement with the facts at hand. How adventure includes uncertainty. The issue of enjoying life by separating between those that makes the postcard vs those that living through a postcard
  • 19:38 What makes a good team, or a bad team – what´s the difference?  On the importance of trust when taking great risks, communication and knowing each other.


The two pieces below is from two essays I wrote with Fredrik about what could be learned from the ordeals on K2.
Some movie snippets with Fredrik:
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