EPISODE 12: Fredrik Sträng, mountaineer – Lessons from stepping into the unknown

January 26, 2017
In this overdue episode I talk to Fredrik Sträng, one of Sweden´s most accomplished mountaineers with multiple 8000 meter summits and expeditions under his belt. He has summited Mount Everest etc, and last spring he summited Cho Oyu in Tibet. I have been working with Fredrik for quite some time and he always have interesting perspective on things. In this episode we take a bit more of a philosophical stance on things, where a lot of the conversation is about the unknown – a known for any entrepreneur or project manager.


1.53    What is your greatest achievement? On the art of doing things in style while taking one´s responsibility
6.03    Finding new routes and stepping into the unknown – Lessons from Forrest Gump to become a better version of oneself
9.49    The routines that enable great goals while keeping onself safe
17.05    Celebrating the small success rather than the great moment, the value and idea of an ascetic living


Together with Fredrik I have also written to pieces in Swedish. They are available here. Both pieces takes a look at the lessons that could be gained for managers by the horrible disaster on K2 in 2008
Some movie snippets with Fredrik:
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