EPISODE 11 – Alan Arnette #3 – Lessons for industry from mountaineering

December 27, 2016

This is the third and final episode with Alan Arnette. In this episode we talk about what lessons mountaineering may offer industry among other things.


  • 00.30    How to build a team out of a group of strangers, the multiplication of irritation and effects from altitude, and the importance of combining personalities, skills and interests
  • 04.00    How age come into play concerning tough decisions
  • 06.00    How experience contribute to higher but informed risk taking and how the team dynamics should counteract dangerous behaviors
  • 10.00    Greatest professional and mountaineering takeaway – Arrogance kills!
  • 14.00    Differences and similarities between industry and mountaineering. Lessons for leadership, team dynamics and purposeful action
  • 17.10    Advices to give a younger self
  •     —> Commit yourself
  •     —> Speak up and take risks
  •     —> Intuition
  • 22.00    The focus in public speaking. On motives and purposes, paying attention to details and the importance of celebrating success among other things. Memories are everything!
  • 31.10    The role of experience, listening and breathing when physiology is taken out of the equation. Lessons from mountaineering for industry.

In the episode we talk about how experience contribute to risk. Anyone interested in this phenomena should check out the research by James March (and others. “The ambiguities of experience” is a great summary and read to get started with.

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