EPISODE 10 – Alan Arnette #2, mountaineer – Surviving by not being arrogant!!

December 19, 2016

In this second episode with Alan Arnette, the mountaineer and chronicler, we among other things talk about everything from Summit fever and how it relates to project management and investment strategies. In mountaineering time pressure is also a very real fact that influences decisions in ways that is not always beneficial to making the best decisions. This is  highly relevant to any type of project since they are limited by Time, Cost and Scope in which the goal has to be balanced. We also talk about how one keep alive on the mountains by relying on experience and intuition.


  • 00.20    Relating short-term projects with long-term effects through an investment portfolio
  • 01.33    When to shutdown a project, or a expedition. The role of milestones and metrics to know when to avoid Summit fever (or project fever) when you are close to your goal. How the best decision to say ”no” is often a better decision than saying ”yes”.
  • 04.00    The role of purpose and motivation to keep going
  • 07.30    Dealing with time pressure by keeping it light and pushing on using and relying on experience to avoid frustration and too much boredom
  • 11.00    How do you approach a major expedition – how to set the goals, but also how to deal with stakeholders such as sponsors
  • 15.45    What makes a organizer good or bad? —> aligning expectations!
  • 18.35    The management of sponsors and other stakeholders through open communication in order to set the expectations
  • 21.20    The dangers of being arrogant and thinking ”it won´t happen to me”. On the importance of funny feelings!


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