EPISODE 1: Lydia Bradey – The first woman on Mount Everest w/o O2: The importance of simple things

October 27, 2016

In this episode I talk to Lydia Bradey, an extremely experienced mountaineer, guide, motivational speaker, author and physic-terapist. Among her achievements she was in 1988 the first woman on Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen (she has submitted Everest in total 4 times), Cho Oyu and Gasherbrum 1, in addition of a couple of “firsts” big wall climbs in Yosemite. For people that don´t know climbing this is kind of a big deal and quite an CV. However, in addition of being a highly motivated climber Lydia is also really amazing to listen to, and in this podcast she shares some of her experiences from her career as a climber. Please enjoy!

 Show Note

  • 2.00 – Arriving to Everest basecamp
  • 3.40 Writing a book
  • 5.35 Why the title of ”Going up is easy”? And the dangers of Summit fever
  • 11.30 When do you know when to turn around and not sacrifice long-term survival for short-term rewards..
  • 17.20 Summit fever related to projects
  • 18.45 The skill is to have the clients to turn themselves around in order for them to come back with increased knowledge.
  • 20.40 Using experience as a qualification for getting people to listen and come out more knowledgeable out of difficult decisions.
  • 22.20 How to prepare someone for the need to turn around, and do it willingly in order to learn for the future through failures
  • 28.30 How to counteract becoming blasé, and thereby exposing yourself to increased risks through doing simple things well.
  • 36.15 Heuristics of familiarity, the god/expert complex, and the impact of wanting to please and being liked – and its impact on decision quality through team dynamics
  • 45.00 How to know when to push the risks and how to assess the situation
  • 46:00 Flight checks to automate and simplify things
  • 49:00 The role of experience in keeping safe
  • 55:00 It´s not about the risk, it is about the consequences of your decisions
  • 1.00.00 Do simple things well to keep safe!


Lydia´s homepage

The Book – Going up is easy

The book – The checklist manifesto

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